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Uploading Assignments

The Assignment Tool (previously known as the Drop Box in Angel) allows you to view and submit assignment attachments online. This tool can be placed in any content area in Blackboard, but many instructors will use this tool in the Assignment area of their Blackboard site (Lessons, Course Documents, Assignments). Select Assignments from your course menu. You will see a listing of your assignments. Click on the Name of the Assignment. For our example, we are completing the Word Lab 1 assignment.

Attach File

A new screen will load where you will see further instructions, a due date, points possible, an area to type comments, and the ability to attach a file. When you are ready to submit an assignment, click Browse to attach your file and then click Attach File. Please note that you MUST click Attach File in order for the file to be included. Include the title of your assignment. If you have comments to enter, type them in the comment box and then click Submit.

After you click Submit, you will be able to view your Submission History. It is always a good idea to be certain your assignment submitted successfully. Your instructor will have a policy for grading, posting grades and feedback.



Plagiarism is a serious offense with serious consequences.

Merriam-Webster defines plagiarize as any of the following:

  • Using the words or ideas of another person as if they were your own words or ideas.
  • Stealing and passing off—the ideas or words of another—as one's own.
  • Using (another's production) without crediting the source.
  • Committing literary theft.
  • Presenting as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source.

Few people consider copying from the web serious cheating. However, anything published on the web is considered an original expression of an idea, which is protected by copyright laws. Make certain that work you submit via Blackboard is your own work and that you always site your references. As the old saying goes, better safe than sorry.

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