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My Grades (Student Gradebook)

The My Grades page shows the status of gradable items, such as tests, assignments, journal and blog entries, and discussion posts. The My Grades page may include item names, details, due dates, student and instructor dates of activity, posted grades, points possible, links to rubrics used for grading, and your instructor's comments about the items. The type of access you have to My Grades depends on what tools your instructor has made available. Remember, you are responsible for regularly checking your grades and current standing in your online course. This should be done, at a minimum, weekly.

On the course menu, click Tools or a customized My Grades link as seen here.

My Grades screen appears.

Grade Details

If you access My Grades from the My Institution tab or the My Blackboard menu, you see grades for all courses. Click View Attempt to view the grade details.

If you access My Grades inside a course, you see the grades for that course only. Click the item name to view the grade details.

Grades for each course are viewed in the order of:

• Overall grade for the course

• Calculated grades, such as running total

• Graded items by date

• Submitted items by date

• In progress items

If your assignment has not been graded, the Grade column contains a symbol indicating its status. If your assignment has been submitted and graded, the grade appears in the Grade column. To view more details, click the link to see the assignment's Review Submission History page. This page includes:

• Instructor Feedback: This section lists your grade and any feedback provided by your instructor.

• Attached Files: This section provides links to open or download any files attached by you or your instructor. For example, your instructor might provide comments in a file that you submitted with your assignment. If you see feedback for an item but do not see a grade, contact your instructor.*

*Note: Grading questions should always be address with your instructor first. Tech support cannot answer questions about grades and feedback.

Grading Symbols

The following table describes the symbols appearing on the My Grades page.

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