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Computer Skills Checklist

Students who take online courses must possess good computer and Internet skills to be successful. Students should have daily access to a computer (preferably at home). Online courses also require a minimum time commitment of 10-15 hours each week of the semester. Skills specific to individual courses may also be required; for example, proficiency with a word processing software may be needed for an online English course.

INSTRUCTIONS: There are specific computer software, Internet browsers and hardware requirements associated with Blackboard. Read about the requirements and click on the Self Check below to practice what you just learned.

Software Requirements

  • Email account (must check regularly) - All ATC students have been assigned email accounts. Click here to find out more information and to obtain your account. Students are required to use their ATC email account for online courses and all school correspondence.
  • Internet Browser
    Students need to know how to go to a particular web site, print a web page, use the "Back" and "Forward" buttons, and open several Internet browser windows at once and switch between them. Recommended browsers for Blackboard, are Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Please click on the following link for a browser check. DO NOT use AOL's web browser to access your online course.

  • Internet Service Provider
    Students must have frequent and dependable access to a computer with a reliable, high speed Internet connection. Dial-up connections do not work well for online learning.
  • Media Downloads
    Your instructor will advise you of the necessary media software needed for your course. Remember, you can check for the media downloads you need by completing your browser check.
  • Software Programs: Word processing software (most courses use Microsoft Word). Some courses require specific software that is not required by all courses. You are responsible for obtaining and installing any supplemental software required for your course. Contact your instructor for specific requirements. In addition, course syllabi contain information about required textbook and course materials including software. Course syllabi can be found online under Current Students > Resources>Course Syllabi (
  • PC-Windows operating system (Windows or Mac)
    Students need to know how to open, close, and save files. You also need to know how to create folders, minimize and maximize program windows, delete files, and install programs.

NOTICE: Some online/hybrid courses use books that require an "access key." Access keys may be purchased with new textbooks or directly from the publisher. It is your responsibility to check with the instructor of your online course to determine if an access key is required. Please do this before you purchase your books for your online/hybrid classes. In most cases, after you use an Access key it cannot be reused and is non-refundable.