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Online Technical Support Resources

Athens Technical College is prepared to help you successfully complete your online course! We provide online resources and timely technical support to assist our online students.

INSTRUCTIONS: Review the three steps listed below to learn about what you should do if you need technical support with your Blackboard course. Click on the Self Check to practice what you just learned.

Three Steps to Success!

Step 1
Make sure you are aware of ATC's software/hardware requirements [select Online Resources>E-Learning, then select Technology Requirements] for online learning. (Remember to use the browser checker)

Step 2
If your computer meets all requirements, has pop-ups enabled, and has all media downloads; but you are still having trouble accessing areas of your Blackboard course, contact your instructor. Contacting your instructor is always the first step when you are having any kind of issue--do not delay.

Step 3
If your computer meets all requirements and your instructor has not been able to solve your technical support issues, contact Blackboard technical support by submitting a support request found on the Blackboard Online Resources page under Technical Support -

Some technical problems have to do with the student's particular Internet Service Provider (ISP) or with his/her own hardware or software. In some cases, students will have to contact their ISP for technical support. Athens Technical College cannot resolve problems with your personal hardware, software, or Internet service.

If you experience major technical difficulties with your computer, you may come to campus and use the open computer lab in Building K or the computers located in the library to complete your coursework. Be sure to check lab hours before making a trip to campus.