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Using Blackboard Email or Course Messages


Your instructor may choose to use Blackboard Email as their primary communication tool. The email tool allows you to send messages to other members of your course. You can address e-mail to individuals, to the entire class, to your instructor, or to groups of students. The email tool will send copies to the person's email account.

To send email, click Tools from the main menu and then click Send Email.

Next, select the type of email you wish to send (all users, all groups, all teaching assistants, users, all student users, all instructor users, select users, select groups).

Select Users

 If you are sending an email to specific individuals, be sure to highlight their specific names and click on the arrow to indicate which uses should be selected. The window is very user-friendly.

After selecting the recipient(s), include what you would like to in your message. See the descriptions and examples below.

Email Window

*Please note that some instructors may not use the E-mail tool inside Blackboard.

Course Messages

Your instructor may choose to use Course Messages as their primary communication tool. The this tool provides you with a familiar, email-like environment that you can use for course communication. The Course Messages tool in Blackboard is similar to the Email tool with one important difference--Course Messages are NOT sent to an individuals e-mail account. All messages are contained within Blackboard. Course Messages provides additional privacy because external email addresses are not used. See below what Course Messages may look like in your course. (Note: Course Messages is usually found under Tools)

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