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Using the Discussion Board

The Discussion Board allows class members to leave messages (and responses to messages) for others to read. Discussions are organized into different forums (topics). Inside each forum, messages are organized into threads (a thread is an original message and all the replies to that message).

Once you click on the hyperlinked forum title, you will see threads posted on the discussion board. Be sure to look at the unread posts column to see how many unread posts are present in this thread. Use the total posts column to view the total number of posts present (the number of unread posts and total posts includes the initial thread).

You may also use the attachment feature if you wish to add an attachment to your thread. Click on the Attach a file hyperlink and then browse for a file. If you want to submit your thread later, click Save Draft instead of Submit. To continue editing and then submit a Draft Post, return to the Forum page and click on Display to access the drop down list. Select Drafts Only to view the saved post.


*Note: Your instructor will have her own personal settings applied to discussions. This will effect what you are allowed to do and see. Therefore, it can vary slightly from class to class. Some instructors may not even use discussion forums in their course.