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Are you ready for online learning? Is online learning the right choice for you?


Step 1: Read about challenges to online learning, computer skills needed for online learning, ATC's technical support resources, and Blackboard, ATC's learning management system. Engage with interactive quizzes and learning activities to practice your knowledge!

Step 2: Complete the assessment for online learning found at the end of this orientation. Upon successful completion of the assessment (90% or above), your score will automatically be submitted to your student account and posted to your academic history.

Important Facts About Online Learning

  • Online learning requires learners to work independently. This is an important aspect of online learning!
  • Online learning is not easier than face-to-face learning. Online learners need to be ready to take an active role in their learning to ensure a successful learning experience.

  • ATC requires at least one proctored activity in each online course. A proctored activity is a required learning event such as a midterm, final exam, or presentation for which students must appear in person and present photo identification (such as a driving license or ATC student ID) to verify their identity.
  • Online learning requires learners to have good computer skills. You will need to navigate the Internet, use word processing programs such as Microsoft Word (used at Athens Technical College), use email including attaching documents and use ATC's learning management system (Blackboard).

  • Online learning requires the learner to ask for help when needed. An instructor will not necessarily know if you do not understand an assignment or course material. Instructors do not see you face-to-face in a classroom. You will need to ask questions in a timely manner.

  • Online learning requires ten to fifteen hours per week per online course for learners to be successful.

  • Online learning requires a learner to be good at organizing and managing their time. It has been shown that learners who are well-organized, self-motivated, and able to manage their time effectively, are better able to succeed in online courses.

  • Online learning at ATC requires meeting course deadlines. Completing projects in a timely manner is important in the online environment. Online courses are not self-paced at ATC.

  • Online learning requires a lot of reading and writing. The online learner will be spending a lot of time reading, reflecting on, and analyzing course material. In addition, online learners will do a lot of writing including completing assignments for instructors and responding to threaded discussions with instructors and classmates.

  • Online learning requires active participation. Many instructors expect contributions to discussions and e-mail from every student participating in the course. Students must always correspond with their ATC student email account.